A person looking at a chalkboard with many formulas and numbers. Let's talk about cost estimation and analysis!

Defender for Cloud Cost Controls

Finding the true cost of cloud SaaS tooling is a complicated and elusive task. Microsoft has some different tools we can use to try and estimate costs that we’ll cover in this post. There are challenges in accurately estimating cloud consumption and usage costs due to day-to-day variances in that usage and other factors. Let’s explore MDC cost estimating together!

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KQL to show records and data size to estimate costs of Sentinel data storage

Cost Management & Microsoft Sentinel

Let’s talk about Microsoft Sentinel and managing costs. With cost being foundational pillar of Microsoft’s Well Architected Framework, part of good governance, and a major driver for product selection of SIEMs; let’s see if we can take some of mystery out of how to get started with managing costs in our favourite SIEM solution!

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Set Log Analytics Workspace Data Cap

Let’s take a look at setting data ingestion caps in an Azure Log Analytics workspace today. There are different reasons why we may want to limit the data coming into our storage account, today we look at both setting the data cap, and alerting us when that data cap is reached through Azure Monitor alerting.

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Azure Cost Management – Finding Real Costs

In cloud cost management, just like on-premises, there is the challenge of understanding how to drill down and find the real cost of that one thing. Today, I’ll take a look at find the real cost of that thing….well…I’ll pick on data egress costs in this case. Join me for a little look through how to find the actual cost of data egress.

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Microsoft Azure Cost Management Billing Budget

Set a budget in your Azure Subscription

Let’s explore cost management and budgets in Azure today. Azure Budgets are easy to setup and use – and it will take less time to set up the cost control than to explain spending too much to your boss. Join me for a quick tour of budgeting in Azure…

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Azure Subscription Usage LImits

Check your Azure Resource Usage against Limits

In this article we will explore how to find your current usage of network resources against your subscription limits in Azure. This is helpful to both track current usage and plan for future usage. There are three ways to view this data, each with some variance on results; so let’s dive right in and find out about pushing our limits!

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Azure Updates – Number 6 – March 13, 2021

A summary update on Azure news that includes updates released from Microsoft Azure related to Azure, Architecture, Compute, and Sentinel topics. Save time digging around to find recent releases and changes. Released March 13th. Great updates and sunny days on the way!

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