Set Log Analytics Workspace Data Cap

Let’s take a look at setting data ingestion caps in an Azure Log Analytics workspace today. There are different reasons why we may want to limit the data coming into our storage account, today we look at both setting the data cap, and alerting us when that data cap is reached through Azure Monitor alerting.

Posted on 9:35 am
Azure Subscription Usage LImits

Check your Azure Resource Usage against Limits

In this article we will explore how to find your current usage of network resources against your subscription limits in Azure. This is helpful to both track current usage and plan for future usage. There are three ways to view this data, each with some variance on results; so let’s dive right in and find out about pushing our limits!

Posted on 10:38 am

Azure Updates – Number 6 – March 13, 2021

A summary update on Azure news that includes updates released from Microsoft Azure related to Azure, Architecture, Compute, and Sentinel topics. Save time digging around to find recent releases and changes. Released March 13th. Great updates and sunny days on the way!

Posted on 9:18 am

Managing Azure Resources – A Primer

Let’s take a ground-level look at managing your resources in Azure. I want to introduce a few different methods to control your resources such as virtual machines, storage accounts, and anything that you keep within a resource group really. Let’s dive right in and find some different ways to work with and control our resources!

Posted on 4:57 pm
Microsoft Azure Cloud

Using Azure Spot VM Instances – The Quota Challenge

Today we take a deeper look at Spot VMs in Azure and how to request a quota limit increase for all virtual machines in Microsoft Azure. Spot VMs allow you to take advantage of unused capacity on Azure VM hosts at a significant cost savings in exchange for letting Azure remove VMs if a pay-as-you-go or reserved instance needs those resources.

Posted on 4:11 pm
Microsoft Azure Cloud

Using Azure Spot Instances

Today we take a look at Spot VMs in Azure and what it’s all about. Spot VMs allow you to take advantage of unused capacity on Azure VM hosts at a significant cost savings; but there is a catch. Your VMs can be evicted if Azure needs the capacity back. This style of VM hosting can be used for low-priority workloads and managed using a few different settings. Let’s explore Spot VMs in Azure together!

Posted on 12:35 pm
Azure Resource Mover

Move Azure Resources to a Different Region – Azure Resource Mover – Part 2

Continuing our Azure Resource Mover tutorial, we will pick up at the Initiate Move stage. This is Part 2 of 2 articles using Resource Mover to move a VM and associated bits to a new region. We are moving our demo VM from West Europe to East US, and it’s been going really well! We left off having completed the Prepare stage on our remaining resources and the Resource Group has already been moved and committed to the new region.

Posted on 11:13 am