Windows Server Active Directory Trust Relationship

Active Directory vs the Unknown – Part 2

Last time we left off having a Cannot Continue error while establishing a domain trust across a WAN link and with some unknown variables involved; but we had to give it a shot in this case. The good news is that we have the power of community and Microsoft to help us discover based on our detailed ‘Cannot Continue’ error….

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Trust Relationship in Windows Server Active Directory

Active Directory Trusts vs the Unknown

While working on a project to get two different versions of Active Directory to talk nicely to each other, there were some good challenges arise. The most interesting has been some investigation around ports, Network Security Groups, Azure Firewall….

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Promote a Member Server to Domain Controller

Promote a Windows Server to a Domain Controller

Today, we’re going to promote a domain controller in Windows Server Active Directory from being a member server of the domain into a leadership role — the Domain Controller. If you missed the last article on domain joining a Windows Server you can catch up right here. It’s important to have a domain controller placed in strategic places on your network (subnets) so that authentication of users and services can happen with the least latency and that there is some redundancy created between the domain controllers in your domain…

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Join a Windows Server Active Directory Domain

Domain Join a Windows Server

Why join a server to your Windows Server Active Directory domain? You would do this to unify service accounts, apply Group Policies, and unify your administrative accounts and management. There are still many organizations that debate the security advantages and disadvantages of domain memberships, but today we are here to join a server to an existing domain on your network. We will join the server to the domain, then promote the server to an Active Directory Domain Controller…

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