Azure Cloud Shell

Video – Setting up for a Demo with Azure CLI

Join me for a start to finish Azure CLI walk-through of creating resources to use for testing or doing a demonstration in Azure. I create a Debian and Windows Server VM in about 5 minutes then we clean everything up when we’re done. Let’s build some Azure resources together and see just how easy and fast this really is!

Posted on 3:45 pm

Azure Monitor – Virtual Machines

Today I wanted to talk about Azure Monitor and one of the new functionalities the Azure Team has added – Virtual Machine Monitoring. This is a perfect example of a continuous improvement and basing new features on user feedback, great job Azure! Now, to get started monitoring your virtual machines we will need to check a few items off the list.

Posted on 10:23 am
Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Virtual Machine Scale Sets – What are they for anyways?

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets. What they do for us and why we would want to deploy VMs using scale sets. I’ve encountered a few situations where a business has deployed multiple systems to try and handle the growth of their systems during peak demand times…

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Posted on 1:32 pm
Windows Server Active Directory Trust Relationship

Active Directory vs the Unknown – Part 2

Last time we left off having a Cannot Continue error while establishing a domain trust across a WAN link and with some unknown variables involved; but we had to give it a shot in this case. The good news is that we have the power of community and Microsoft to help us discover based on our detailed ‘Cannot Continue’ error….

Read the full article at the link below.

Posted on 7:58 pm
Azure CLI in VS Code

Create an RDP file for your Azure Virtual Machine in PowerShell

Ever need to quickly connect to one of your virtual machines in Azure? You can use CLI or Azure PowerShell module and the Get-AzRemoteDesktopFile cmdlet to create an RDP file to use for your connection! This is not a widely known method, but it can save you loads of time!
See how to use RDP files from Azure CLI by reading on…

Posted on 6:49 am
Azure Update Management

Azure Updates Management

Azure Updates Management helps you keep your virtual machines updated without intervention and using an automated schedule. No need for additional third-party products with all the functionality build right into your Azure subscription. The ability to patch regularly addresses major security concerns and requirements for compliance by reducing risk footprints, patching flaws and bugs, and automating the process to remove human error.

Posted on 11:24 am

Azure CLI Introduction

If you are just getting comfortable using Azure or want to start learning a bit more about how to provision virtual machines using a method that can be automated and repeated quickly – stay tuned as we’ll cover some simple commands on using your free Azure account, connecting to Azure CLI, learning some test and demo commands, create a virtual machine, look at the potential to automate your code, and some common commands in Azure CLI.

Posted on 2:03 pm