What Happens when Azure AD Connect Breaks?

Today we talk about what happens when Azure Active Directory Connect breaks. We discuss common causes, fixes, where to find some guidance, and some of the issues around a broken connection between your on-premises Windows Server Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. Join Ryan @MSCQF and myself for a short discussion and learn a bit more about our Microsoft tools in the hybrid world.
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Posted on 7:24 am
AzureTracks and MSCQF Podcast

Azure Active Directory – Self Service Password Reset

Today I continue our video podcast series with Ryan McKay from Microsoft Cloud Quick Fix where we chat about Microsoft Cloud Identity Basics and specifically Microsoft Azure AD Connect and the capabilities it enables with other Microsoft technologies. Join us while we explore some of the features and requirements for Self Service Password Reset…

Posted on 6:22 am
Microsoft Azure logon Company Branding

Azure Active Directory Branding

This is not a complex configuration by any stretch as Microsoft has made this really straight-forward to setup for us; but it is an important step to help establish your brand at login. This is quite important to communicate to your users logging into your resources and applications via Azure AD. It can help prevent credential loss — especially if combined with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Posted on 3:49 pm
Microsoft Azure

How Can you Manage Multiple Providers in Azure?

If you are running Azure infrastructure and have multiple providers that reach into your tenant, you know how difficult it is to log, audit, and monitor what your providers are actually changing inside your subscriptions. From the opposite view, if you’re a solution provider and you have to reach into multiple clients Azure subscriptions to complete your work, you know how challenging it is to keep everything segregated and organized. Never-mind if you need to pull auditing logs to show what changes you completed inside a specific subscription.Azure Lighthouse provides…

Posted on 11:21 am