AzureTracks and MSCQF Podcast

October 2020 – Who turned out the lights on Microsoft Cloud?

Today we explore some sources of Microsoft Cloud status information, what happened this past week with some incidents in the Microsoft Cloud, and we talk about the rapid deployment of features into cloud services over the last 2 quarters. Join us for a few minutes as we discuss the Azure and Microsoft 365 status consoles and learn about how to get information to our support teams quickly.

Posted on 8:05 am

Azure News Podcast

Today on Azure Centric, I speak with Marcos Nogueira about some exciting news updates for Azure. We talk about Azure Image Builder, Optimize for Internet traffic with Peering Service and the routing preference option, and Azure Maps Creator service.

Posted on 9:08 pm

Azure Monitor – Virtual Machines

Today I wanted to talk about Azure Monitor and one of the new functionalities the Azure Team has added – Virtual Machine Monitoring. This is a perfect example of a continuous improvement and basing new features on user feedback, great job Azure! Now, to get started monitoring your virtual machines we will need to check a few items off the list.

Posted on 10:23 am
Azure VM Run PowerShell on VM Console

The Case of Where’s My Virtual Machine?

During the course of working with a client during an implementation, we discovered some pre-existing custom configurations at the VM level that when the virtual machine was rebooted….

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Posted on 10:29 am
Azure Invoice and Detailed Billing Downloads

Azure Billing – Where’s My Invoice?

In today’s post I’ve done a quick video to show you how to find, download, and preview your invoices in PDF format. You also get the option to download a detailed billing CSV file (comma separated values) that provides the ability for you to sort…

Read the full article and watch the clip at the link below.

Posted on 5:09 pm