Microsoft Authenticator Policies

Modernize your Microsoft Authenticator Policies

Getting ready to move into Azure Active Directory or make changes to your Microsoft Entra configurations? The last few weeks I’ve talked about MFA and conditional access rules; so this week we will look at the preview for Microsoft Authenticator Policies, then change gears and talk about how to get our users excited about these security enhancements.

Posted on 7:15 am
Authentication and Security

Ready to modernize your MFA?

Just using MFA in it’s basic form is not enough. Today, we take a trip through modern authentication methods, modernizing, and becoming more phish-resistant. I talk top 3 challenges and how to tackle them together!

Posted on 7:10 am
Microsoft Azure logon Company Branding

Azure Active Directory Branding

This is not a complex configuration by any stretch as Microsoft has made this really straight-forward to setup for us; but it is an important step to help establish your brand at login. This is quite important to communicate to your users logging into your resources and applications via Azure AD. It can help prevent credential loss — especially if combined with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Posted on 3:49 pm