Evaluate Microsoft Defender for Endpoint – Part 3

n this third article in our mini-series on setting up a Microsoft Defender for Endpoint labs environment we will be getting things running this week by adding devices and deploying simulations into the labs environment. This will effectively be like sending viruses out to our devices inside the labs simulator! Let’s do what we always do….dive right in!

Posted on 6:59 am
Azure Cloud Shell

Video – Setting up for a Demo with Azure CLI

Join me for a start to finish Azure CLI walk-through of creating resources to use for testing or doing a demonstration in Azure. I create a Debian and Windows Server VM in about 5 minutes then we clean everything up when we’re done. Let’s build some Azure resources together and see just how easy and fast this really is!

Posted on 3:45 pm
Azure Cloud Shell

Setting up for a Demo with Azure CLI

I’ve been asked a few times to share how I setup for doing a demo using different Azure resources. So, I’ll share my first way of setting up — Azure CLI. Today, we’ll walk through some of the steps I run and how to save it to do it all again next time. This is one of the ways that I get setup with storage accounts, Windows servers, Linux servers, and even App Gateways and Load Balancers…so buckle up for a little code run-through!

Posted on 6:38 pm

Azure CLI Introduction

If you are just getting comfortable using Azure or want to start learning a bit more about how to provision virtual machines using a method that can be automated and repeated quickly – stay tuned as we’ll cover some simple commands on using your free Azure account, connecting to Azure CLI, learning some test and demo commands, create a virtual machine, look at the potential to automate your code, and some common commands in Azure CLI.

Posted on 2:03 pm