Create an Azure Automation Account

Today we’re going to get ready to create some automation in Azure together. The end goal is to get ready to set some PowerShell scripting to follow a schedule and run entirely in Azure. We’ll start with the basics first and go from there. Let’s dive right in and get things started to run with an Azure Automation account first.

Posted on 4:29 pm
Microsoft Azure

How Can you Manage Multiple Providers in Azure?

If you are running Azure infrastructure and have multiple providers that reach into your tenant, you know how difficult it is to log, audit, and monitor what your providers are actually changing inside your subscriptions. From the opposite view, if you’re a solution provider and you have to reach into multiple clients Azure subscriptions to complete your work, you know how challenging it is to keep everything segregated and organized. Never-mind if you need to pull auditing logs to show what changes you completed inside a specific subscription.Azure Lighthouse provides…

Posted on 11:21 am
Azure Update Management

Azure Updates Management

Azure Updates Management helps you keep your virtual machines updated without intervention and using an automated schedule. No need for additional third-party products with all the functionality build right into your Azure subscription. The ability to patch regularly addresses major security concerns and requirements for compliance by reducing risk footprints, patching flaws and bugs, and automating the process to remove human error.

Posted on 11:24 am