Log4j Vulnerability Summary

Log4J is a widely used Java library for logging error messages in applications. It is used in enterprise software applications, both custom and packaged, and forms part of many cloud computing platforms and services. I’ve summarized the threat and mitigation suggestions as well as a number of external resources that may save you some time in putting together your security change requests.

Posted on 11:20 am

Application Gateway Re-IP Challenges

If you have worked with Application Gateways in Azure you’ll already know that they can be straight forward — unless you want to change the configuration. Recently I was working with a client that had to re-ip their systems as part of an integration…

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Posted on 1:42 pm

Application Gateway – The Listener

Application Gateways provide a secure way to load balance and route incoming web requests to your Azure resources. Today we will look at getting HTTPS requests to come inbound from a browser to your App Gateway, then get sent to the correct server to handle secure requests. A configuration may use this design if you are using an insecure site on port 80 on HTTP to support usage of an internal web….

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Posted on 1:12 pm

The Humble Application Gateway

Azure Application Gateways offer an easy way to present web based applications without exposing your systems or content to the public Internet. Additionally, the App Gateway also provides a number of pretty advanced features such as URL based traffic routing, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and the traditional stability of a rock solid Layer 4 Load Balancer for web traffic….

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Posted on 9:19 am