Strengthening Cybersecurity: The Power of Collective Defense

Cybersecurity stands as one of the paramount challenges facing organizations worldwide. The relentless evolution of cyber threats demands constant vigilance and adaptation. Microsoft, with its unique vantage point in the field, offers valuable insights into this ever-changing landscape to us through their Digital Defense Report. Today, I walk through some top highlights from that report and some of the hidden gems focusing a bit on collective defense as our theme.

Posted on 7:16 am
AzureTracks - Architecture example with Visio Icon pack.

Azure and Microsoft 365 Visio Icons

A challenge that many organizations have is documentation – accurate and professional looking diagrams. Today, let’s take a very quick look at where to get Microsoft Azure and M365 icon packs to help the journey along.

Posted on 7:30 am
Microsoft Azure Cost Management Billing Budget

Set a budget in your Azure Subscription

Let’s explore cost management and budgets in Azure today. Azure Budgets are easy to setup and use – and it will take less time to set up the cost control than to explain spending too much to your boss. Join me for a quick tour of budgeting in Azure…

Posted on 7:53 pm
Microsoft Azure Tags

Deploy a Custom Azure Policy

It’s time for another deep dive into some fun with #Azure! Let’s take a like at #Policy in Azure today – Join me for a look at adding, customizing, and user auto shutdown as a Policy driven set of actions.

Posted on 8:13 am
Azure Subscription Usage LImits

Check your Azure Resource Usage against Limits

In this article we will explore how to find your current usage of network resources against your subscription limits in Azure. This is helpful to both track current usage and plan for future usage. There are three ways to view this data, each with some variance on results; so let’s dive right in and find out about pushing our limits!

Posted on 10:38 am