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Andrew Posted on 8:54 am

Azure Updates – Number 29 – January 29, 2022

A summary update on Azure News that includes updates released from Microsoft Azure related to Azure, Architecture, Compute, and Sentinel topics. I’ll provide links to all the resource updates with each item. Hopefully this will save you some time digging around to find recent releases and changes.

Updates will include preview and general availability announcements, news, and technical articles published in the listed topic areas for the previous 2 week snapshot. Presented is a subset of news that is highlighted here, visit Azure Blog or Azure Updates Blog to see all the updates.

Azure Updates

General availability: New Azure Maps features historical weather, air quality, and tropical storms
General availability: Azure Key Vault increased service limits for all its customers
Public preview: Azure Percept DK January (2201) software update is available
Public preview: Multitasking in the cost analysis preview
Public Preview: Azure NetApp Files new features
Generally available: Azure Database for MySQL ??? Flexible Server in two new regions
Generally available: Azure NetApp Files features
Public preview: Support for private links available on the new agent
Generally available: Azure Backup releases new updates for hybrid backups
Generally available: Kibana dashboards and visualizations on top of Azure Data Explorer
Generally available: Azure Site Recovery support for ZRS Managed Disks
Public Preview: Managed Certificate support for Azure API Management
General availability: Azure DevOps updates
Generally available: Azure Monitor log alerts new version
Public preview: Support for managed identity in Azure Cache for Redis
Scheduled Query Rules API preview version 2021-02-01 will be retired on 31 January 2022
Azure SQL???General availability updates for late January 2022
Azure Machine Learning Announcements ??? January 2022 General Availability Announcement
Public preview: Create multiple data export rules to the same event hub namespace
General availability: One-minute frequency log alerts
Generally available: A new and improved alert rule creation experience
General availability: Ultra disks support on AKS
General availability: FIPS enabled node pool in Azure Kubernetes
Generally available: Containerd support for Windows in AKS
Generally available: Azure Kubernetes support for upgrade events
Public preview: Kubernetes version alias support in AKS
Generally available: Azure Database for PostgreSQL ??? Hyperscale (Citus): New certifications
General availability: Azure Database for PostgreSQL ??? Hyperscale (Citus) in new regions
Generally available: Azure IoT Edge tools for Visual Studio extension now supports Visual Studio 2022

Azure Blog

Microsoft launches landing zone accelerator for Azure Arc-enabled servers
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Delivering the connected shopping experience: How Microsoft and Avanade are reimagining retail

Azure Sentinel Blog

Modernize Log Management with the Maturity Model for Event Log Management (M-21-31) Solution
What’s new: Earn your Microsoft Sentinel Black Belt Digital Badge!
Single Sign On Support for authentication in Microsoft Sentinel Notebooks
Defending Critical Infrastructure with the Microsoft Sentinel: IT/OT Threat Monitoring Solution
Get Hands-On KQL Practice with this Microsoft Sentinel Workbook