Update PowerShell Using PowerShell

Need to update to the latest PowerShell version? Check out how to make this your easiest upgrade yet! Remember to test any existing code you have published or run once-and-a-while; then update your VMs and systems that you don’t touch often, that way everything is on the same version.

Posted on 10:36 am

Microsoft Identity – What’s the Difference with AD on Premises to Azure AD?

In this installment of Microsoft Identity tidbits, Ryan of @MSCQF and I speak about Azure Active Directory and how it’s different from Windows Server Active Directory. We look at some of the confusion around hosting a virtual machine in Azure that is running Windows Server Active Directory and using Azure AD Connect to extend that into Azure Active Directory. Join us for a few minutes of fun and discovery as we explore the differences in Active Directory types.

Posted on 4:31 pm
Azure Update Management

Azure Updates Management

Azure Updates Management helps you keep your virtual machines updated without intervention and using an automated schedule. No need for additional third-party products with all the functionality build right into your Azure subscription. The ability to patch regularly addresses major security concerns and requirements for compliance by reducing risk footprints, patching flaws and bugs, and automating the process to remove human error.

Posted on 11:24 am

Azure CLI Introduction

If you are just getting comfortable using Azure or want to start learning a bit more about how to provision virtual machines using a method that can be automated and repeated quickly – stay tuned as we’ll cover some simple commands on using your free Azure account, connecting to Azure CLI, learning some test and demo commands, create a virtual machine, look at the potential to automate your code, and some common commands in Azure CLI.

Posted on 2:03 pm