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Current Azure Region Names — Reference

How do you get the name of a region to use in CLI or PowerShell for Azure coding? If you do a lot of CLI or PowerShell coding you will want to know the region names that you can reference for any region specific code you write. In this article I show you how easy it is to find the reference name to use in your code. Included is a list of all the current regions as a reference guide to save some time.

Posted on 8:10 am
Azure Speed Test 2.0

Azure Readiness – Let’s Talk Network Latency

Understanding your network latency between you and your favourite Azure Region is important.  It can be the difference between responsive services hosted inside Azure, and a negative user experience.  Especially if you are using Azure VPN and not Express Route services.

To understand what region is likely better for you to be working out of, host your primary resources in (because I know you would want to use geographically balanced services for redundancy — right?) and has the ‘best’ overall speed between that Azure datacenter and your network; let’s take a closer look at how to easily test this out.

Keep reading to find out more about your own speeds between you and your Azure datacenters…

Posted on 4:10 am