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Azure Updates – Number 74 – October 7, 2023

A summary update on Azure News that includes updates released from Microsoft Azure related to Azure, Architecture, Compute, and Sentinel topics. Every update is linked to it’s original Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Sentinel or other blog source. Hopefully this will save you some time digging around to find recent releases and changes.

Updates include preview and general availability announcements, news, and technical articles published in the listed topic areas for the previous 2 week snapshot. Presented is a subset of news that is highlighted here, visit Azure Blog or Azure Updates Blog to see all the updates.

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Azure Updates

Migrate to Azure Resource Manager control plane API version 2021-11-01 by 30 September 2026
Retirement notice: Bing Speech will be retired on 3 November 2023
Azure Cosmos DB built-in Jupyter notebooks will be retired March 30, 2024
Azure Activity Logs Legacy solution is replaced by Diagnostic settings
Support for TLS 1.0/1.1 on Azure Cache for Redis ending on 30 September 2024
Support for Azure Machine Learning Explanation and Fairness Dashboards is ending on 14 March 2025
Migrate to Azure Monitor agent???based VM insights by 31 August 2024
Some Azure Service Bus SDK libraries will be retired on 30 September 2026???migrate to the latest SDKs
App Service: Backup and Restore over Azure Virtual Network
Generally Available: Add an Azure Cosmos DB custom endpoint in Azure IoT Hub
Public Preview: Customer-managed keys for Azure NetApp Files volume encryption is now available in US Gov regions (Preview)
Public preview: Announcing Microsoft Playwright Testing service: Scalable end-to-end testing for modern web apps
General availability: Microsoft Azure now available from new cloud region in Italy
Generally Available: Multi-user authorisation for Backup vaults
Generally available: Enhanced soft delete for Azure Backup
Public Preview: Azure Data Explorer Add-On for Splunk
Azure Container Apps is now eligible for Azure savings plan for compute
Public Preview: Azure Log Alerts support for Azure Resource Graph (ARG)
Action required: Retirement of ???Get Alert Smart groups??? in Azure Monitor
Azure API for FHIR retiring on 30 September 2026
Azure Internet Analyzer will be retired on 15 March 2024 ??? delete profiles
Transition to the ContainerLogV2 table by 30 September 2026
Support for select marketplace images for Batch pools will be retired
Azure Batch pool list usage metrics API will be retired on 30 September 2024
Azure Batch CLI extensions will be retired on 30 September 2024
Action required: Migrate to using ARG query for ???Get Alert Summary??? in Azure Monitor
We???re ending support for the 2017-03-01-GA API.
Azure Batch task authentication token will be retired on 30 September 2024
Azure CycleCloud support for HTCondor scheduler cluster type will be retired on 30 September 2024
Azure CycleCloud support for BeeGFS filesystem cluster type will be retired on 30 September 2024
Azure CycleCloud support for automatic configuration of LVM for Azure CycleCloud volume mounts will be retired on 30 September 2024
AI Services Personalizer will be retired on 1 October 2026
Azure AI Translator S2-S4 billing instances will be retired on 1 October 2026 ??? transition to Commitment Tiers for discounted pricing.
AI Services Anomaly Detector will be retired on 1 October 2026
AI Services Metrics Advisor will be retired on 1 October 2026
Azure Virtual Desktop (classic) will be retired on 30 September 2026 – Please transition to Azure Virtual Desktop
Computer Vision v1.0, v2.0, v2.1, v3.0, and v3.1 APIs will be retired on 13 September 2026
App Service Environment version 1 and version 2 will be retired on 31 August 2024
SMART on FHIR proxy feature in Azure Health Data Services will be retired on 21st September 2026 – Transition to SMART on FHIR (Enhanced).
SAP HANA on Azure Large Instances will be retired by 30 June 2025 ??? transition to Virtual Machines
Azure Monitor support for OpenCensus will end on 30 September 2024 – transition to using Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry Python Distro
Extended support for Python 3.8 ends on October 2024
Extended support for PHP 8.1 ends on 25 November 2024
Default outbound access for VMs in Azure will be retired??? transition to a new method of internet access
Retirement notice: Azure Communication Services Network Traversal (TURN) Public Preview is retiring.
Azure Maps Web SDK Map Controls Version 1.xx will be retired on 19 September 2026 ??? transition to Azure Maps Web SDK Map Controls Version 3.xx
Retirement notice: The legacy Azure Storage Java client libraries will be retired on 13 September 2024
Retirement notice: The Azure Storage Android client libraries will be retired on 13 September 2024
Update to Azure Functions Cosmos DB extension version 4.x by 31 August 2024 for continued support
Support for the 1.x version of Azure Functions ends 14 September 2026
Upgrade Azure Database for MySQL to MySQL v8.0 before support for v5.7 ends
Generally available: Zone Redundant Storage for Azure Disks is now available in more regions
Generally available: Azure Load Testing in Southeast Asia, Canada Central, Germany West Central and Central India
Generally Available: Artifact cache for Azure Container Registry
GA: Azure Container Apps in Azure China cloud
Generally Available: Azure Functions v4 Programming model for Node.js
Public preview: Azure Functions Support for Node.js 20
Public preview: Azure Functions extension for Dapr
GA: Support for Python 3.11 in Azure Functions
GA: Vertical Pod Autoscaling add-on for AKS
GA: AKS image cleaner
GA: Dedicated table support for AKS diagnostics logs
Public preview: AKS support for Kubernetes version 1.28
GA: Node OS patching – NodeImage feature in AKS
Public Preview: Azure Communication Services Job Router
Public preview: Azure Database for MySQL flexible maintenance
Generally available: Custom partitioning in Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB
Public Preview: Azure SQL Database free offer
General availability: Azure SQL updates for late-September 2023
Public Preview: Additional cache sizes for Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise
Ungated Public Preview: Azure API Center
General availability: Gateway Load Balancer IPv6 Support
General availability: Domain fronting update on Azure Front Door and Azure CDN

Azure Sentinel Blog

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