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Azure Updates – Number 16 – July 31, 2021

A summary update on Azure news that includes updates released from Microsoft Azure related to Azure, Architecture, Compute, and Sentinel topics. Save time digging around to find recent releases and changes. Released July 31, 2021.

Posted on 9:27 am
Windows Server on Azure - SMBv1

Can you Enable SMBv1 on Azure VMs?

Occasionally an enterprise environment will have a requirement to retain legacy authentication systems that may need to use SMBv1. What are the options when you move your services and infrastructure to Azure…

When first looking at this challenge we really (really!) need to acknowledge the dangers and risks that when dealing with SMBv1…

Read the full article at the link below.

Posted on 12:14 pm
Microsoft Azure Infrastructure

Azure Naming Conventions

Most Admins are aware why we should use a standardized naming convention across all your resources, but sometimes we have to explain it to business members or new admins that have not considered this before. It can be a contentious topic sometimes, but Microsoft Docs guides us through this process….

For examples and explanations of naming conventions read on…

Posted on 6:29 am