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Andrew Posted on 9:27 am

Azure Updates – Number 16 – July 31, 2021

A summary update on Azure News that includes updates released from Microsoft Azure related to Azure, Architecture, Compute, and Sentinel topics. I’ll provide links to all the resource updates with each item. Hopefully this will save you some time digging around to find recent releases and changes.

Updates will include preview and general availability announcements, news, and technical articles published in the listed topic areas for the previous 2 week snapshot. Presented is a subset of news that is highlighted here, visit Azure Blog or Azure Updates Blog to see all the updates.

Azure Updates

General availability: Web Application Firewall (WAF) bot protection on Application Gateway
General availability: Web Application Firewall (WAF) geomatch custom rules on Application Gateway
Start VM on connect capability in Azure Virtual Desktop enters general availability
Immutable storage with versioning for Blob Storage is now in public preview
Azure Sphere SDK version 21.07 Update 1 is now available
VMware Site Recovery Manager is now generally available for Azure VMware Solution
General availability: Azure ExpressRoute: 3 New Peering Locations Available
Azure Site Recovery update rollup 56 is now generally available – July 2021
General Availability: Azure Stream Analytics Tools for Visual Studio Code
Public preview: Azure Virtual Desktop is now available in the Azure China cloud
Azure Active Directory support for Azure Relay now in public preview
General availability: Azure Sphere version 21.07
General availability: New West US 3 region added to Azure HDInsight
General availability: Azure Monitor Agent and Data Collection Rules now support direct proxies and Log Analytics gateway
General availability: Better integration between Azure Monitor and Grafana
General availability: Public IP information and inter-zone traffic among many new insights in Traffic Analytics
General availability: Python Functions now support custom telemetry in Application Insights
General availability: Built-in Azure Policy support for Network Watcher Traffic Analytics
Azure Database for MySQL ??? Flexible Server Auto-grow storage in public preview
Public preview: Azure App Service Migration Assistant PowerShell-based experience
The public preview of Azure Database for PostgreSQL ??? Flexible Server now supported in new regions
Azure VMware Solution now generally available in the Canada East region
Public preview: IoT Edge Metrics Collector module 1.0.1 release
Announcing the Azure Firewall Premium general availability
Public preview: Scan and view lineage of data stored in Erwin Mart, Google BigQuery and Looker using Azure Purview
Shared disks on Azure Disk Storage are now generally available on all Premium SSD and Standard SSD sizes
Public preview: Alerts, Pacemaker cluster (RHEL OS) and data-size for SAP HANA
Private preview: New telemetry for SAP Application (NetWeaver) in Azure portal

Azure Blog

Advancing your financial services strategy with Azure sustainability
Azure Cost Management and Billing updates ??? July 2021
Optimize your cloud spend with Azure
How cloud computing can improve 5G wireless networks
Next-generation firewall capabilities with Azure Firewall Premium

Azure Sentinel Blog

Understanding API connections for your Azure Sentinel Playbooks
Microsoft Threat Intelligence Matching Analytics
Software Defined Monitoring – Using Automated Notebooks and Azure Sentinel to Improve Sec Ops
What’s new: IdentityInfo table is now in public preview!
What’s New: Updated Azure Sentinel Documentation July Edition