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Andrew Posted on 9:27 am

Azure Updates – Number 42 – July 16, 2022

A summary update on Azure News that includes updates released from Microsoft Azure related to Azure, Architecture, Compute, and Sentinel topics. I’ll provide links to all the resource updates with each item. Hopefully this will save you some time digging around to find recent releases and changes.

Updates will include preview and general availability announcements, news, and technical articles published in the listed topic areas for the previous 2 week snapshot. Presented is a subset of news that is highlighted here, visit Azure Blog or Azure Updates Blog to see all the updates.

Azure Updates

Responsible AI investments and safeguards for Facial Recognition
Generally available: Azure Site Recovery update rollup 62 – July 2022
Generally available: Exporting device customizations and cloud properties in Azure IoT Central
Generally available: Azure Gateway Load Balancer
Generally available: Azure IoT Edge 1.3.0 release
Public preview: Azure Active Directory authentication for exporting and importing Managed Disks
Public preview: 2022-06-30 Azure IoT Central REST API release is now live
General availability: Application Insights standard test for synthetic monitoring
General availability: Azure Archive Storage now available in South Africa North
Public preview: Migration tools for Azure Monitor Agent
General availability: Azure Database for PostgreSQL???Hyperscale (Citus) supports PostgreSQL minor versions
Generally available: Azure Functions retry policy for Event Hubs and timer triggers
Generally available: Azure Digital Twins Data history
General availability: Azure Active Directory authentication for Application Insights
General availability: Application Insights standard test for synthetic monitoring
Public preview: Container Insights now supports Windows Server 2022
Public preview: User-assigned Managed Identity support for Azure Monitor Agent
Generally available: Enabling JBoss EAP on Azure Red Hat OpenShift
Public preview: Ephemeral OS disk support for confidential virtual machines
Limited preview: Smart tiering to vault-archive tier for Azure Backup
Public preview: Azure Percept DK June (2206) software update

Azure Blog

Gateway Load Balancer now generally available in all regions
Microsoft joins Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Working Groups at Eclipse Foundation
Accelerating capital markets workloads for Murex on Azure
Modernize with Azure Migrate
MLOps Blog Series Part 4: Testing security of secure machine learning systems using MLOps
How Microsoft Azure Cross-region Load Balancer helps create region redundancy and low latency
What is desktop as a service (DaaS) and how can it help your organization?
Digital transformation for manufacturers requires additional IT/OT security
How to choose the right Azure services for your applications???It???s not A or B
Choose the right size for your workload with NVads A10 v5 virtual machines, now generally available

Azure Sentinel Blog

Microsoft Sentinel Solution for Dynamics 365 News ??? New OOB analytics rules templates available now!
Microsoft Sentinel Automation Tips & Tricks ??? Part 3: Send email notification options
What’s New in Notebooks – MSTICPy v2.0.0
Microsoft Sentinel Automation Tips & Tricks ??? Part 2: Playbooks
Deploying Microsoft Sentinel Threat Monitoring for SAP agent into an AKS/Kubernetes cluster