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Andrew Posted on 11:02 am

Azure Updates – Number 32 – March 12, 2022

A summary update on Azure News that includes updates released from Microsoft Azure related to Azure, Architecture, Compute, and Sentinel topics. I’ll provide links to all the resource updates with each item. Hopefully this will save you some time digging around to find recent releases and changes.

Updates will include preview and general availability announcements, news, and technical articles published in the listed topic areas for the previous 2 week snapshot. Presented is a subset of news that is highlighted here, visit Azure Blog or Azure Updates Blog to see all the updates.

Azure Updates

Public preview: On-demand capacity reservation with Azure Site Recovery safeguards VMs failover
Public preview: Azure Purview workflows
Public preview: Azure Backup support for trusted launch Azure Virtual Machines
Generally available: Azure Chaos Studio Key Vault and Classic Cloud Services faults
Public preview: Schedule automated emails of your saved cost views
General availability: SOAP and XML request and response validation
Public preview: Azure Percept DK February (2202) software update
Azure IoT Central generally available in South Central US and Canada Central
Generally available: Specify API language runtime version in Azure Static Web Apps
Public preview: Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB partitioning Spark 3.1
Azure??SQL???General availability updates for??early March 2022
Azure SQL???Public preview updates for early March 2022
Public preview: SKU recommendation in Azure SQL Migration extension – Azure Data Studio
Public preview: Enhancements to Azure Form Recognizer for Azure Applied AI Services
Generally available: Azure Backup protects Azure Files snapshots via lease feature integration
General availability: Azure Sphere version 22.02
General availability: Azure Cosmos DB API for MongoDB supports version 4.2
General availability: Asset certification in Azure Purview data catalog
General availability: Azure Red Hat OpenShift support for OpenShift 4.9

Azure Blog

Join Microsoft Azure at NVIDIA GTC developer conference 2022
The anatomy of a datacenter???how Microsoft’s datacenter hardware powers the Microsoft Cloud
5 reasons to attend the Azure VMware Solution digital event
Meet PCI compliance with credit card tokenization
Introducing dynamic lineage extraction from Azure SQL Databases in Azure Purview
Technical leaders agree: AI is now a necessity to compete
Microsoft DDoS protection response guide
Microsoft Azure expands to new region in the China market
Azure Cost Management and Billing updates ??? February 2022
Stay on top of database threats with Microsoft Defender for Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Sentinel Blog

What???s new: Unified Microsoft SIEM and XDR GitHub Community
Microsoft Sentinel Support for Ingestion-Time Data Transformations
FAQ: Search, Basic Ingestion, Archive, and Data Restoration
Configure a continuous data pipeline in Microsoft Sentinel for big data analytics!
Creating effective NRT detections in Microsoft Sentinel