AzureTracks - Special Edition News Update!
Andrew Posted on 10:21 am

Azure Updates – Number 23 – Special November 2021 Microsoft Ignite Edition

A summary update on Azure News that includes updates released from Microsoft Azure related to Azure, Architecture, Compute, and Sentinel topics. I’ll provide links to all the resource updates with each item. Hopefully this will save you some time digging around to find recent releases and changes.

Updates will include preview and general availability announcements, news, and technical articles published in the listed topic areas for the previous 2 week snapshot. Presented is a subset of news that is highlighted here, visit Azure Blog or Azure Updates Blog to see all the updates.

This week’s update includes all the special releases centered around Microsoft Ignite – November 2021 Edition!

Azure Updates

General availability: Azure Site Recovery now supports failover of multiple IP configurations
Public preview: Azure Data Explorer is now supported as an output for Azure Stream Analytics job
Azure VMware Solution now generally available in the Germany West Central Azure region
General availability: New Azure Data Explorer output plugin for Telegraf
Private preview: Azure OpenAI Service combines access to powerful GPT-3 language models with Azure???s enterprise capabilities
PowerShell 7.1 runbook support in Azure Automation available in public preview
Azure Automation support for Managed Identities is now generally available
Public preview: Azure Virtual Network Manager
General availability: Run IBM WebSphere Liberty and Open Liberty on ARO and AKS
General availability: Run Oracle WebLogic Server on Azure Kubernetes Service
General availability: API Management and Event Grid Integration
Azure trusted launch for Virtual Machines now generally available
Azure Machine Learning – Ignite, November 2021 public preview announcements
General availability: Bastion Standard SKU
Public preview: ExpressRoute private peering support for BGP communities
Public preview: ExpressRoute FastPath improvements
Automatic VM guest patching is now generally available
Logic Apps Standard Plan updates in general availability
General availability: Native support for WebSocket APIs
Public preview: GraphQL passthrough support in Azure API Management
Public preview: Azure Virtual Machines DCsv3 and DCdsv3-series now available
Public preview: New Azure Arc capabilities in November 2021
General availability: Azure Monitor container insights for Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes
Azure SQL???general availability updates for early November 2021
Private preview: New Azure Arc capabilities in November 2021
Azure Applied AI Services | Azure Cognitive Search updates now generally available
Azure Applied AI Services | Azure Video Analyzer updates in public preview
Public preview: Near real-time analytics for telemetry, time series, and log data on Azure Synapse
Additional ML options for Spark on Azure Synapse now in public preview
Public preview: Azure Chaos Studio – Systematically improve resilience with controlled chaos
General availability: IoT Central – Organizations
Public preview: OpenID Connect integration between Azure AD and GitHub Actions
Autoscale public preview is now available for Azure Virtual Desktop
Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI public preview is now available
Public preview: Azure Purview???s Integration with Microsoft Defender for Cloud
New orchestration mode for Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets now generally available
Limited preview: New Azure Virtual Machines deliver increased storage throughput for data-intensive workloads
General availability: New Azure Virtual Machines deliver increased performance for a broad range of workloads
Azure App Service Environment v3 support for Windows Containers is now generally available
Azure App Service – Diagnostic settings feature reaches general availability
General availability: Version updates for Azure App Configuration libraries
Azure Service Bus large message support reaches general availability
General availability: Provisioned throughput increase for Azure Ultra Disk Storage
General availability: Centralized management of keys for encrypting Azure disks
New capabilities introduced for disk pool (public preview) for Azure VMware Solution
Public preview: Cross-region snapshot copy for Azure Disk Storage
Live resize of Azure Disk Storage in public preview
Open Service Mesh add-on for AKS is now generally available
Azure SQL: Public preview updates for early November 2021
General availability: AKS support for Secrets Store CSI driver
Public preview: Industry-aware analytics with database templates in Azure Synapse
Azure Service Operator v2 release is now generally available
Public preview: Self-service Access Management in Azure Purview
Public preview: Azure Container Registry connected registry for IoT Edge
Public preview: Explore your Amazon RDS data in Azure Purview
Public preview: Azure Container Apps
Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB: Custom partitioning support in public preview
Azure Machine Learning public preview announcement Ignite, November 2021
Public preview: gMSAv2 security policy support for Kubernetes workloads on Windows
Public preview updates to Azure SQL Managed Instance boosts performance, scale, and flexibility
Azure Cognitive Service for Language now generally available
General availability: New troubleshooting experiences in Network Insights for VPN Gateway & Azure Firewall
General availability: Event Hubs Premium
General availability: Log Analytics Workspace Insights in Azure Monitor
Public preview: Manage your Log Analytics data export rules in Azure portal
Cost saving recommendations in Azure Advisor for Azure Cosmos DB now generally available
Azure Cosmos DB: Server side retries for Cassandra API in public preview
General availability: EventHub action in Azure Monitor action groups
Public preview: Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry Exporters
Azure Cosmos DB Logic Apps Standard Connector in public preview
Azure Cosmos DB: Partial document update now in general availability
Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra service now generally available
Provisioned throughput spending limit for Azure Cosmos DB in general availability
Link feature in Azure SQL Managed Instance now in limited public preview
On-demand disk bursting for Azure Premium SSDs now generally available
Public preview: Dapr extension for AKS
Azure Cache for Redis: Redis 6.0 supported in general availability
Public preview: AKS node pool user start/stop feature
Install Azure Service Operator via Visual Studio Code extension for AKS
New indexing metrics for Azure Cosmos DB in general availability
Public preview: NAT gateway integration with AKS
Azure Backup: Multi-user authorization for Backup is now in public preview
General availability: Stream Analytics now offers support for Availability Zones with Dedicated Cluster
Public preview: Metrics and Metric alerts for Azure Backup
Gateway Load Balancer now in public preview
Logic Apps Standard Plan updates in public preview
Querying Delta Lake files using T-SQL in Azure Synapse Analytics is generally available
Public preview: Multiple backups per day for Azure Files
General availability: Ephemeral OS disks for Azure VMs support additional VM sizes
General availability: for Microsoft Azure
General availability: Azure Functions extensions for Blobs, Queues, Event Hubs, Service Bus, and Event Grid
General availability: Azure Data Explorer Insights
Zerto Disaster Recovery for Azure VMware Solution
Azure Spot Virtual Machines: Try to restore functionality now generally available
Extended regional availability for Private Link NSG Support
Extended regional availability for Private Link UDR Support
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021 RTM for OEMs
Azure Red Hat OpenShift now available in public preview in Azure Government
General availability: Azure governance policy for Azure Key Vault
General availability: ExpressRoute IPv6 Support for Private Peering
General availability: Azure Sphere version 21.10
General availability: Azure Backup now supports Archive Tier through Azure Portal
Azure Monitor Log Analytics and Application Insights support for Availability Zones is now generally available in West US 2
General availability: Azure Advisor recommendations for Azure Data Explorer Clusters

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