Azure Cost Management – Finding Real Costs

In cloud cost management, just like on-premises, there is the challenge of understanding how to drill down and find the real cost of that one thing. Today, I’ll take a look at find the real cost of that thing….well…I’ll pick on data egress costs in this case. Join me for a little look through how to find the actual cost of data egress.

Posted on 7:03 am
Microsoft Azure Cost Management Billing Budget

Set a budget in your Azure Subscription

Let’s explore cost management and budgets in Azure today. Azure Budgets are easy to setup and use – and it will take less time to set up the cost control than to explain spending too much to your boss. Join me for a quick tour of budgeting in Azure…

Posted on 7:53 pm
Cost Analysis Projected Cost of Tagged Resources

Using Resource Tags in Cost Managment

Today we dive into pulling the cost breakdowns so we can bill back costs to other departments by using Azure tags attached to different resources. Last week we discussed how tags can be used for different reasons and walked through setting tags up for a resource….

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Posted on 11:26 am
Azure Resource Tags

How to Use Tags to Identify Resources

In Azure, we can use tags attached to different resources to help us classify them for lots of different reasons. The most common are uses for tags are security, management, and billing. Today we’ll take a short look at how to…

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