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Azure Readiness – Fundamentals Skills

Why would a manager or supervisor, or even the CFO need to understand Azure Fundamentals? Isn’t that type of knowledge handled by the technical people and why would our managers need this knowledge? These are questions that I come across regularly; and my answer is always the same. As a business moves towards cloud adoption, it’s important that all stakeholders understand the basics, terminologies, and have a foundational understanding of the platforms. Now, I’m not suggesting that a CFO is going to be setting up your Azure subscriptions; but wouldn’t it be great if they understood all the concepts and could help you communicate technical changes to other non-technical leaders? When ideas are understood…
See the full article for more discussion on Azure Fundamental concepts.

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Azure Migrate Readiness Assessment

Azure Migrate – Part 2

In my last article, you were introduced to Azure Site Recovery and Azure Migrate. These services allow you to discover, assess, and migrate workloads into Azure quickly using a framework built using the foundations of Azure Site Recovery. We talked a lot about disaster recovery foundations, technical requirements, and some key differences between ASR and Azure Migrate. Today, we’ll be working in Azure Migrate and we want to get you ready to do a test fail-over of a workload from your VMWare environment into Azure. There are lots of steps to follow, so give yourself about 3 hours to work through all the reading and steps. You may need to step out of this article to perform changes in your VMWare environment as part of your readiness. I want you to be comfortable using Azure Migrate so let’s get started!

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Microsoft Azure

Azure Migrate – Intro

Azure Migrate allows you to discover, assess, and migrate workloads into Azure quickly using a framework built using the foundations of Azure Site Recovery. Starting out with ASR is a solid and well-built foundation that allows you to replicate a source environment into Azure. Azure Migrate service is built on top of the foundation elements of Azure Site Recovery and provides a highly reliable and rapid method to sync your current data from VMWware, Hyper-V, physical servers on-premise, and AWS into Azure. This can be part of your disaster recovery plan, migration strategy, and migration testing. Azure Site Recovery has often been deployed as a major part of disaster recovery strategies for on-premise or existing Azure virtual machines.

A bit of basic information first. Azure Site Recovery will help you with:
• Console to manage discovery and connectivity to Azure
• Replication from source to Azure
• Testing your migration to ensure that you get your VMs in Azure as expected
• Cut-over migration into Azure

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